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Monday, October 18, 2004

Jason writes

Canada also is a beautiful place. If someone wants to visit here, I suggest you to come to Montreal. It's a good place, even thought people speak in Franch most.
Following website address is my photo albums. Everyone can see the scenery.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

unbelievable story - Eriko

I was on the return road from shopping with Dale. I unloaded her, then I made to the left. I felt unusual, because a red car had come up to me from the front. I ran off the left side of the road! Happily, the red car avoided me, so we didn't collide.

I returned to the right-hand side of the road afterward, and I lost my way. I had a terrible experience. For the time being, I thought, I should stay in the middle!

story - Eriko

My high school is close to the sea. I smelt salt breeze every day. It was very comfortable.

The active clubs were Baseball, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and Brass Band. I belonged to the Brass Band club. The Brass Band club was very severe, but it was a massive club.

I rode my bicycle between my home and school. It was a long way. I was exhausted when I arrived at school.

summary - Eriko

In "Dreams: Making them work," the author says that Milton Kramer is a psychiatrist and dream researcher. He believes that dreams are important, because he found that dreams control the condition of the mind. For example, if you are having a nightmare, you wake up feeling discouraged. He thought we need to learn the way that we can change a bad dream. Therefore we can keep a journal or diary when we wake up, review our day as we begin to fall asleep, etc.

Dr. Rosalind Cartwright is a dream researcher too. Her idea is dream therapy, which is changing a dream that involves four simple steps. Someone was helped by dream therapy.

After a night of seeing a good dream, we can greet a fresh morning. Changing dreams brings profit to us physically and psychologically.

story unbelievable but true - Yui

One day, my friend drove a car sending off his sister at the airport. Then, on the way home while he was driving, he fell asleep for 2 seconds and when he opened his eyes, he almost crashed beside the highway, so he turned the wheel and the car rotated off the highway and turned over. The car was totalled, and couldn't be used again, but my friend was fine. Unfortunately, the police gave him a ticket for $170 for careless driving and he was charged $250 for towing the car.

Monday, June 14, 2004

The Unforgettable Exam - D.K.

When I was a high school student in 3rd grade, I took a midterm. At that time, I studied 12 subjects for the midterm. One day before, I had finished studying earth science at 4:00AM with my friends in our dormitory. By the way, one student in the dormitory said to the other students, “You guys studied the wrong section of earth science.” After we heard that, we were very upset, because we had to study the earth science again. Although we were so tired, we started to study earth science again at 4:30AM. But I could not study, because I was so tired. So instead of studying it, I went to sleep. I got up at 7:00AM, then I quickly started to study it. Finally, I took the exam of earth science and I got 80%.

story - Dale

When I was belonging to a basketball club in junior high school, I could see a miracle happen. Our team had to win a geme, because we were 3rd grade at that time. If we had lost that geme, we would have had to become a retirement basketball club. If we got a win, we could go to the next stage. Those games were tournament style. However, the opposing team was very strong. They were second place in our city at our last meeting. By the way we were in 7th place. That game day there was a rainstorm. I was a benchwarmer. I did not play basketball well. So, I cheered!

Our team had impetus, although the opposing team did too. When our team got 2 points, the opponents got 2 points too. The score was even all the way. I could not predict which team would get the win. 2 minutes before game ending time, our team was losing by 2 points. But that condition remained until 30 seconds before game-ending time. When we were coming up to the 30-second time, the opponent player shot. That was bad. Because they were winning on time, they had to keep the ball until the ending time. Her shot missed at the goal. My teammate picked up that ball, and she passed it to our captain. I think that the time was 10 seconds before the end ot the game. We did not have much time. The captain passed it to our foward player. Her shoot rate was good, so the captain passed it to her. But she returned the ball to the captain. She did not have the confidence to get 2 points. At five seconds before, we did not have time. The captain could not play 1 on 1. Her defenceman was cheerful. Reluctantly, she shot. It looked more like a throw than a shot. It looked like a pass to the goal. But a miracle happened. This shot like a pass went into the goal. On time, the ending buzzer sounded. This game finished. We were surprised, and pleased so much. And we respected our captain. She was great!!!I think that geme was like a movie or drama. Then our team became 2nd place in our city. Our play times could be longer. I did not forget this ever.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Summary - Jason

According to the article “Dreams: Making them work for us”, dreams affect one’s mood when one wakes up. However, the article said when we understand the message from a dream, we can have a bad dream. We can train ourselves to remember dreams and improve them. Furthermore, there is a similar method in the article. Someone developed a psychological therapy which has four steps for improving one’s dream illness. Eventually, Joseph, who is a dream patient, became more optimistic. And the article said, Joseph also provides proof of dream therapy.

classmates - Jason

About three years ago, I was a senior student in college. I met guys who were crazy in the class. There were only two girls in the class. But they usually went out and studied with us who were boys. We went traveling every vacation and left our footprints in the county where I studied. We often went rafting, hiking, camping or mountain climbing. We also took a lot of pictures and saw much scenery of county. Besides, we studied hard together, when we had to take midterms or final exams. So I really miss them. They left many memories in my mind.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Summary - Dale

According to the article, "Dreams: Making them work for us," dreams are important to us. A psychiatrist, Milton Kramer, believes dreams' effect is very huge on our minds. This is because our feeling is different if we have a bad dream or good dream, and our conditions are controlled by our dreams. Therefore we need to recall the dream we had watched last night. If we know how to remember our dreams, we know 4 simple steps of dream therapy. This therapy was introduced by Dr. Rosalined Cartwight, who is a dream researcher. When you understand these steps, you can get good sleep. And you can feel better tomorrow.

Classmates - Dennis

Before I came here, I was a language student at USC. I had a lot of classmates from many countries. I learned different cultures and lifestyles from them. This is a special experience that I had never seen. We had a lot of fun in Los Angeles.

We learned many skills from our teachers; for example, oral, reading, writing and grammar. Also we went to many popular places around LA, Disneyland, University Studio and Six Flags. I have a lot of memories with them. I will remember them forever.

In my mind, they are my closest friends in my whole life. I will miss them until I become an angel. You will know what is important for me.

Summary - Ahmed

In the article, the author says he believes that dreams are very important, because they have messages for the dreamer. Some people wake up screaming from the same horrible dream. First, you should know how to remember your dream, then learn how to change a bad dream. Dr. Cartwright has developed anther dream therapy for changing dreams. Finally, you should feel something after you stop your dream.

My classmates - Dale

When I went to Japanese university, I did not like my class. Most Japanese university classes do not have class function, because classmate meaning is different in high school and junior high school. People like to be with friends who are in club activities or committees of the university. So most students think, club friends are more friendly than classmate friends.

I thought so too. My classmates were friends, but, I spent all of my time with my basketball teammates and committee members of the university sports club.
They looked like classmates, I think. Some took the same classes. Also, people who had different majors than me were like classmates too.

When we finished our basketball practice, we went to eat at some restaurant, or to play somewhere.

It was similar with the committee members of the university sports club's friends too. I went to a friend's house; we had meetings.

I think I did not study in Japanese university. I was playing every day and practicing basketball. But, I spent good time. And I love them.

Now, I am thinking that I study hard every day here.

Summary- D.K.

According to the author in "Dreams: Making them work for us", Milton Kramer, who is a dream researcher, believes that dreams are very important for us. That is because dreams affect our feelings after we wake up in the morning, and it is very important to change bad dreams into good dreams. Before you change your bad dream, you need to remember your dream. According to Dr. Cartwright, who is a dream researcher, there are 4 simple steps to recall your dream. In conclusion, changing your bad dream is very important for your feeling.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

summary - Yui

From the article “Dreams: Making them work for us”, Milton Kramer, who is a researcher, believes that dreams are important. His research has shown us dreams have an effect people when they awake. Another researcher, Dr. Rosalind Cartwright, can change dreams by using dream therapy which has 4 steps. First, recognize a bad dream. Second, identify the bad part. Third, stop your bad dream. Last, change the negative part of your dream. Using dream therapy can change a dream from a nightmare into a good dream.

The CESL School - by Ahmed Ali

I am having the best time in my life in the CESL school. First
I faced many problems,like I could not understand the teacher, but now
it is better. The teacher helps me a lot. Everything is good, but the
system is very difficult. For example, if you want to pass, you must
get 80 points. In conclusion I enjoy this school.

Classroom - by D.K.

I can't forget my highschool classmates. My classmates and I were often talking with each other. And we played soccer and basketball together. Sometimes, if one student asked another smarter student about study, the other student kindly tought him. Also, if one student had a problem, other students became counselors. I often remember that high school classroom. In conclusion, I will never forget such memories.

My classmates - by Yui

Of my classmates at my university in Thailand, everybody was very cute. In one day, we had to study 6 hours. In the morning, we started to study from 9.00 A.M. to 12.00 A.M, and in the afternoon, we studied from 13.00 P.M. to 16.00 P.M. After we had finished studying, we were talking about everything and sometimes we were eating ice-cream, fruit or bread. I feel good when I meet my friend.