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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

My classmates - Dale

When I went to Japanese university, I did not like my class. Most Japanese university classes do not have class function, because classmate meaning is different in high school and junior high school. People like to be with friends who are in club activities or committees of the university. So most students think, club friends are more friendly than classmate friends.

I thought so too. My classmates were friends, but, I spent all of my time with my basketball teammates and committee members of the university sports club.
They looked like classmates, I think. Some took the same classes. Also, people who had different majors than me were like classmates too.

When we finished our basketball practice, we went to eat at some restaurant, or to play somewhere.

It was similar with the committee members of the university sports club's friends too. I went to a friend's house; we had meetings.

I think I did not study in Japanese university. I was playing every day and practicing basketball. But, I spent good time. And I love them.

Now, I am thinking that I study hard every day here.


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